• Sat, 06 Apr 2013 09:37:00 +0000

    Blossom Vintage and the 1970s Airstream
    One thing that is always exciting to see is a young individual going against the grain, taking a risk, putting their passion to work and starting a business. Jamie Lee is such an individual. Recently, she invested her time, money and energy to start Blossom Vintage: a vintage boutique that sells rare and unique clothing and accessories out of a traveling 1970s Airstream trailer. It’s a really cool idea and the mobile store LOOKS AMAZING. Everything about it and the merchandise within goes along perfectly with the vintage theme of the business.

    Jamie invited us to her business launch celebration in Seal Beach. It’s being hosted in this awesome store called The Canvas Shop. Sitting on a sunny avenue not far from Seal Beach’s Main Street, you walk in and see a plethora of artsy, vintage, earthy merchandise. Even the ceiling is decorated with vintage inspired surfboards, which the shop also sells through a local board shaper. In the back, near where we are setting up, the Man Eating Cats (a local, groovy band) are setting up for a small, intimate session.

    I’m very excited about this event because instead of using one of our stylish paper backdrops, we’re actually going to use a cool, decorated wall from the shop itself. The Canvas Shop and Blossom crew are sticking colorful paper polka dots on a clean white wall, and we also nail a few small empty photo frames to the wall as well. In the pictures, this backdrop looks fun, funky, and extremely unique! We’re also going outside the box and taking the shots using a “portrait” (up and down, as opposed to left and right) orientation. We can still fit in quite a few friends for some group shots and the photos have a new, very cool style. I’m also very impressed with the border that we designed for the prints and the shots that will be posted online. We used Photoshop to produce a clean yet earthy feel, complete with the Blossom logo and its social media tags.

    Throughout the evening, the vibe in the place is awesome. People are having a great time taking photos with their friends and checking out their prints, we’re all bobbing our heads to the great music, and there’s even some great snacks and champagne on hand. As the sun goes down, strings of light bulbs hanging from the store’s roof begin to glow. Everyone walks outside, where Jamie officially opens the door to her new Airstream. A toast is made and the guests check out the cool interior of Blossom, champagne in hand.

    This event had such a down-to-earth vibe and everyone there was incredibly friendly. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to celebrate the birth of a new business with such great people!

  • Sat, 30 Mar 2013 09:11:00 +0000

    Laura's Wedding
    It’s always nice when you can build a report with a client before you even start working with them. The whole process is a lot easier with a sense of respect and trust that accompanies those relationships. We had that connection with a soon-to-be bride, Laura. We met her through a mutual friend and we learned that she is a hard-working, charismatic woman. We were honored to be a part of her wedding.

    Driving over to the reception hall in Whittier, CA we meet with the videographers for the wedding. Juan and Jair are the brains behind Full Motion Film, the video company that we often partner with. We have built a great relationship with them as well, and together we offer our clients amazing package deals for working with both Lumee and FMF. Working with them at an event is like expanding your team to include some great friends. We say hello and congratulations to the new bride Laura, who of course is busy and thinking of 5 things at once. After she shows us where to set up, we are up and running before the speech, toast and dinner start.

    I’ll keep this post short, but one of the best things about this wedding was that afterwards, Laura personally came up to us and told us that the DJ was complaining because no one was on the dance floor – they were all taking pictures in our studio booth. We love working with DJs to find new clients, but we definitely took this as a great compliment!

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